eProperty Watch

What is eProperty Watch?

  • Notification of recorded Documents
  • Current Neighborhood Sales
  • Neighborhood Defaults & Foreclosures
  • Local Market Trends

eProperty Watch is a free service provided by Green Escrow Services.

It links your e-mail address to your property address and gives you regular updated information on your neighborhood activity.

Access to neighborhood property information.

And remember… it’s


eProperty Watch

Keep informed as to the value of the real estate in your area.

Who is behind the Green Escrow Services Home Monitor and Alert Service?

CoreLogic – the company trusted by real estate professionals

CoreLogic logoGreen Escrow Services Home Monitor Alert Service is the service offered directly to homeowners by CoreLogic.

You may not have heard of CoreLogic, but they’ve been supplying property data services to lenders, appraisers, and real estate agents for decades. The top lenders in the US use CoreLogic’s property data and value analytics to make home loans. Over 600,000 professionals use their data to serve their clients every day.

CoreLogic has offered lien-monitoring services to major banks for many years. Those banks want to know if a competing lien is placed against their first mortgage note. To serve these coproate clients, CoreLogic has built out the largest infrastructure of county lien monitoring in the US.

Now, for the first time, they bring this capability to homeowners. Now you can conveniently monitor your home for liens, value changes, andn eighborhood activity through the convenience of email and personal web pages.

And, remember, it’s FREE. And safe. They never rent or sell your name or email address to anyone. Like many websites (such as Facebook & Yahoo)- they earn revenue from valuable advertising offers they’ll show you. You can have the confidence that Green Escrow’s Home Monitor and Alert Service is a premier service offered by the top brand in real estate – CoreLogic.