Renovation Do’s & Don’ts

Always a popular topic, Zillow has recently released a report analyzing which renovations bring the most bang for the buck – and which don’t.

  • Number 1 on the list is improving curb appeal: paint inside and out, landscaping and yard care. Interestingly, the right color combination can mean up to an extra $6,000! Here’s a hint: avoid yellow; those homes tend to sell for $3,000 less than expected.
  • Upgrade the bathrooms – but not too much. Mid-range remodels can bring an increase of $1.71 for every $1.00 spent but be forewarned: upscale remodels only bring 87 cents on the dollar.
  • Install new windows – again mid-range remodels are cost-effective; high-end is not.

Zillow also advises not to bother with the kitchen as these remodels tend to bring the worst return on investment primarily because everyone seems to have a different opinion on what constitutes are great kitchen. Let the buyers do it themselves. Also, finsihing the basement – even with adding a bathroom – will only fetch 50 cents on the dollar.